10 Pack Maxtop AEH1003-AX G-Sharp Earhanger Earphone for Motorola XiR P6628 XIR E8600 E8608 XPR 3300 XPR 3500

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  • Size : 10 Pieces

Size:10 Pieces Description: This G-Sharp Earhanger Earphone with Inline Push-to-Talk Microphone for Two-Way Radio provides clear voice transmission and excellent focused sound quality. It is a unique product that fits for retail marketplaces, restaurants and security companies. Features:Enhance Communication: This earpiece produces high-quality sound. Users hear transmission clearly and receive effectively.Cozy Material: Users wear soft and skin-friendly material that fits right outside earlobeUser-Friendly Design: Metal clip on the PTT back clips securely onto lapel, collar or tie. Users are easy to adjustDurable Cable: Flexible PU cable reinforced with KevlarWorry Free Guarantee: 1 Year per Order WarrantyCompatible Radio Model: Motorola Multi-Pin Connector:DEP500 / DEP500e Series: DEP550, DEP570, DEP550e, DEP570eDP2000, DP2400, DP2600, DP3441, DP2000e, DP2400e, DP2600e, DP3441e, DP3661eXPR3000 / XPR3000e Series: XPR3300, XPR3500, XPR3300e, XPR3500e XiR P6600, XiR P6600i, XiR P6620, XiR P6620i, XiR E8600, XiR E8600i, XiR E8608, XiR E8608iDGP8050 Elite, DGP8050e EliteTETRA Terminal: MTP3100, MTP3150, MTP3200, MTP3250, MTP3500, MTP3550


(No reviews yet) Write a Review